State of the Wings has a few good quotes from Babcock and a few players which help paint the winged_wheelpicture of what the attitude is like for those not disgruntled Chris Osgood…

“Don’t get me wrong, we’re in the winning business and we need points, but I like the way our team has played.  We know we’re a work in progress and we think we’re getting better all the time. I think if you ask their team how our team played I think they will be fairly respectful to say the least. They got the points here (in D.C.) and that’s what it is all about, winning, but they know who had the puck.”–Mike Babcock

Who could argue with that?  The Wings have indeed been playing a better game as of late.  If you forget about the fact we only got two past Alex Auld in Dallas, the games against Chicago and last night against Washington were pretty sound games.  If you add Kronwall, Franzen, and Williams in the past 3 games, we might have managed to win all three.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who doesn’t like watching the out of town scores…

“It’s different.  When you’re scoreboard-watching to see how other teams are doing, it’s different. But, it makes games like (Tuesday’s) real important as opposed to previous years when we’d come in and not necessarily know it was a given, but we would know we had a real good chance of winning if we played our game.”–Dan Cleary

Well…honestly, Dan, you should still feel that way.  I don’t know where the lack of confidence is coming from.  Perhaps the whole injury situation is starting to wear on the players as well.  Maybe they feel like the teams they’re playing have gotten that much better.  It could be a combination of the two.  Either way, this team even with Franzen and Kronwall is still a top eight team in the West (or should be, as the case may be).

“We’ve had a few games like this where we should have pulled away or we should have gotten a second goal earlier in the second period but we didn’t and teams find a way to beat us.  That’s a little bit of what we have seen so far, but I do think we have been getting better at playing as a team again by keeping goals against down and keeping scoring chances down. We haven’t been able to score as many goals, and that’s been one of our problems.”–Nick Lidstrom

Bingo.  Trash Ozzie all you want, but we should have scored more than two goals last night.  Osgood obviously didn’t need to steal this game.  And he certainly didn’t save it.  But the fact of the matter is scoring two goals in this NHL is simply not good enough on most occasions.  We had multiple chances that we didn’t convert.  Soft goaltending plus failing to execute on golden scoring chances (yes, you, Bert…) almost always yields zero points in the standings.