Stat Check: Jimmy Howard

Here’s a screen shot from


How could I notpost that?  Surprisingly witty from the folk at Gary’s Homepage.

Now stats have nothing to do with wit.  Sometimes it takes wit to cherry pick them and twist them to your advantage, but quite frankly; none of that is needed with our boy, Jimmah right now…

Stat #1: Save Percentage


Chew on that for a second or two.  Aside from the two back-ups (Halak and Rask), Jimmy is top three for starters playing in more than 20 games.  The only two goalies that have a better save percentage than him is the mad Irishman (he’s actually Finnish), Miika Kiprusoff and Ryan (I scored on him in practice) Miller.  Pretty outstanding, I’d say.

Stat #2: Wins

Aside from Pekka Rinne (who was up for Rookie of the Year last season) and Dwayne Roloson, Jimmy is still within five wins of some guys who have played in ten or more games than he has.  Everyone on that list has more wins, but has played in more games. 

Coincidence?  Maybe.  But I wonder how many wins Jimmy would have had he played in 35+ games this season.  His winning percentage in games played is 55.55% so if he had played in 40 games like his opponent last night,  Jimmy would arguably have 22 or 23 wins right now, putting him right up there with the “elite”.

Stat #3: Goals Against Average


More solid numbers for Mr. Howard.  Especially for someone who has lost 11 out of 27 games played.  Now that doesn’t look good for the Red Wings as a whole.  But what it does mean is that Jimmy may be losing a few games, but they’re low-scoring affairs, which is a good reflection on Jimmy.

So if you’re looking to jump on the Calder Trophy ship, it looks like Jimmy may indeed be “at the helm”.