St. Louis’ Jinx Attempt



The Red Wings are off to the races.

Any article from St. Louis that starts off that way should already have alarm bells ringing.  But of course, there’s more…

They have blown past Calgary into the No. 8 slot in the Western Conference playoffs.

They won’t stop there. Detroit has won four of its last five games, pushing its point total to 74 -– five more than the 11th-place Blues

The writer, Jeff Gordon (not the one that NASCAR fans throw beer cans at), then goes even further about the Red Wings “run” and even dives into the pool of prognostication…

They will fly past Nashville next, then take aim at Colorado and Los Angeles on the conference pecking order. Before the season ends, that team will secure a decent playoff seed and the opportunity to take another run at the Stanley Cup.

Whoa.  17 games left in the season and apparently Detroit is going to not only get by Nashville in the standings, but catch the kids from Denver and Los Angeles as well.  Are you serious, bro?  Either this guy is a transplant from Michigan and has the utmost confidence in the Detroit Red Wings (secretly his favorite team, even though he covers the St. Louis Blues)…


…this is a simple jinx attempt to run the “karma train” see Bingo Bango today off of its tracks.  It’s like talking about a shut out late in the game when the opposing goalie is pitching a goose egg.

Nice try, Jeff.