Someone’s Gotta Go


So Modano finally made up his mind and we have Helm locked up for two years.  We re-signed Drew Miller and Derek Meech and Mattias Ritola has one more year left on his contract.  We still have to re-sign Justin Abdelkader, which Kenny Holland assures us is not going to be a problem.  Even with Abdelkader taking less money than Helm – there’s one problem: we don’t have room for him without moving someone else out.

  • Miller can’t be sent down without clearing waivers…he wouldn’t this time around.
  • Ritola can’t be sent down without clearing waivers…he most likely wouldn’t.
  • Meech can’t be sent down without clearing waivers…for $500,000 – someone would snap him up easily
  • Draper WON’T be sent down, even though he would probably clear waivers.

We’re less than $2 million under the Cap and we still need to sign Abdelkader.

Not only would the Abdelkader signing bring us dangerously close to the Cap ceiling…but it would put us over the 23-man maximum on our roster.  There is no way that Detroit gets out of this without losing at least one player.

So who’s it going to be?

  1. Derek Meech?
  2. Mattias Ritola?
  3. Drew Miller?

Those are the three most obvious choices…my gut says Miller stays.  He was excellent for us last year…netting 10 goals on the 4th line while being effective on the PK.  So it comes down to Ritola or Meech either being traded or waived.  For their Cap hits, you have to figure we could find a trade partner.  So do you keep around the versatile Meech or trade away the un-tested Ritola?

If either of them hit the waiver wire, I can almost guaruntee they go to Chicago…who is looking for cheap labor in the worst way.

Here’s an interesting scenario.  Kris Draper walks into Kenny’s office and says, “Waive me. I’ll start the year in Grand Rapids.”  Kenny replies with, “What if someone claims you?”  Without missing a beat, Draper replies, “I’ll announce my immediate retirement if someone picks me off the waiver wire.”

What other choices do we have?  Someone has to go.  I know you all have ideas…so let’s hear them.  I’ve come up with:

  1. Trade Ritola
  2. Trade Meech
  3. Draper goes all noble and makes the ultimate sacrifice

I know your brains have been working…so let’s hear it.