So…Big Game Tonight, Eh?


From the Free Press

“I think everyone understands the way this series has gone and the importance of getting the lead.  It’s a critical turning point in the series, and one we’ll make sure we’re ready and responsible for.”–Todd Bertuzzi

Are your nerves all well and rested?  They’ve had a few days off.  And in the two days that we’ve been off of the stress train, our little Red Wings have collected three NHL award nominations with at least one more on the way (Lilja-Masterson).  But now it’s back to the bump and grind of dealing with work and/or school today while juggling the anxiousness of a pivotal Game 5 in your head.

“This is kind of where you’ve got to step up and come out with that huge effort.  We’ve won in this building before, in Game 2, so we just have to be ready. We have a lot of confidence in this group, we have a lot of experience in here, and we just want to come out and really just build off what we did in the last game — I thought we played a real solid hockey game, we did a lot of good things.”–Kris Draper

Here are your lines:



Howard (starting)

Let’s make this the last we have to hear about the Phoenix crowd until next season, shall we?