Slow Day After A Loss

Sorry for the slow day here at NOHS, I am in the midst of traveling for interviews and having a brief due, so updates from me will be slow today and tomorrow.  Sully should be able to keep you updated though.

Even so, there isn’t much to be said about last night that hasn’t been said already.   Check out these blogs for some solid (and humorous) recaps on the game:

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Lastly, Tyler at TDT mentions this about the third Osgood goal last night:

I like reading the opinions of actual netminders on goals like this. Like a George Malik, or Chris at NOHS. In the past I’ve seen goals that looked like they should’ve been stopped, but it’s been stressed to me that deflections really fuck with the timing and anticipation of a goaltender. In this case — without reading anything before posting this — I don’t understand how this wasn’t 100% on Ozzie. Shouldn’t an NHL goalie be able to adjust when it’s from that far out?

The answer to that is simple.  Yes he should have had it and I’ve never seen a more pathetic attempt at a save in my life. 100% Ozzie.

Slightly longer answer: the tip (if there was one) certainly can mess with a goalie, as 80-90% of your reaction is completely adjusting to where the puck looks like it should go from looking at the angle of the stick. Having said that, there is no excuse for not making that save taking into consideration for the distance from which the shot was taken and, if there was a tip, the amount of time he had to adjust for it.

He played that like I would a shot in 6-1 game in beer league.   There’s always that a-hole who comes in with a huge wind-up and my mind does a quick balancing test weighing how much pain making a save will inflict on me as compared to how much hell my teammates will give me for missing it.  But note I said a 6-1 game in beer league, not a close game and especially not a start in the NHL.

So yeah, basically 100% Ozzie on that one.  He did play well for the rest of the game which hopefully will continue.  It better, as it looks like we will be seeing him again on Saturday when we should get a peek at Abby as well.