Stan Bringing the Sizzle

Let’s take a moment to re-cap Stan Bowman’s “red-hot summer” so far:

6/24– Traded away Bufuglien (17-17-34), Eager (7-9-16), and Sopel (1-7-8)

There goes 25 goals, 33 assists and 58 points.

6/24 – Traded away Fraser (7-12-19) for a 6th round pick

We’re now up to 32 goals and 77 points lost from their championship season.

6/30– Traded away Kris Versteeg (20-24-44)

Tack on his numbers and bad rapping skills and Chicago had lost 52 goals, 69 assists for a total of 121 points before Free Agency even started.

7/1 – Stan Bowman tells us that he “warned the fans”

7/1– Chicago trades Andrew Ladd (17-21-38)

Up to 69 goals, 90 assists, and 159 points lost from last season.

7/12– Matched SJ’s offer to Hjalmersson (2-15-17) – $113,410 under the Cap.

So let me get this straight – you traded away Colin Fraser who had more points than Hjalmersson for a 6th round pick, but you re-sign Hjalmersson to a $4 million per year deal?  Hmmm….

7/20 – various signings bring them to  $1,000,000+ over the Cap

7/22 – Traded away Marty Reasoner – $138,000 under the Cap (with 16 players)


Why isn’t anyone talking to Cristobal Huet?  Everyone is convinced that he’ll be sent down to the AHL…effectively burying his contract and putting a dunce cap on the Chicago organ-i-zation.  No one has been able to get an answer to what he thinks about all that’s going on.

I would feel sorry for the guy…but he’s a Blackhawk…so I don’t.

I am so very curious to see what Niemi is awarded in arbitration.  Niemi’s side has stated they would like a deal in place before that happens – I’m calling that B.S.

Chicago is in such dire straits with the Cap, that I’m positive they are going to be offering the chubby goalie with the huge leg pads much less than he would be rewarded by the arbitrator.

More moves are still going to have to be made…a lot more.  Significant money will still need to be moved out even with Huet being buried in the minors to get this team up to the 22 man roster.

But at least the core is entact…right?….Right?