Silent Bob and The Delicate Genius

Did you know that Kevin Smith made Cop-Out?  Doesn’t that make you sad? 

Well it appears that Silent Bob is already working on the film to try and win me back.  Here’s a little bit from

While promoting his new film Cop Out, (in theaters this friday) Kevin Smith revealed to that Seann William Scott will be taking the lead role in his upcoming film, Hit Somebody.

Scott will be playing the lead role of “Buddy” in the film is based on the Warren Zevon song of the same name with lyrics by Mitch Albom. The story is about a hockey player who excels at fighting more so than actually scoring goals.

Well…using Sean William Scott in every movie you make going forward isn’t necessarily going to win points with me…but I can remain hopeful.  Nothing’s ever going to top Slapshot though, and I mean ever.

Go ahead and click the link to see what appears to be a video of Detroit’s own Delicate Genius and Kevin Smith walking around JLA and talking a little hockey.  For those of you unfamiliar with the term Delicate Genius, let me bring you up to speed from Abel to Yzerman’s glossary of terms:


There was a time, long ago, when the idea of reading a Mitch Albom column brought with it a sense of anticipation.  You just knew his stuff would be that good.  Back in ‘87 he made a point of traveling with Jacques Demers, every day, to the rink during the playoffs.  He wrote with true sorrow about the playoff loss to Edmonton after the “Goose Loonies” incident.  He was a Wing fan’s columnist.  But over the years, Mitch found other interests…radio, tv, fiction (both in the papers and out) and the Wings fell by the wayside.  Oh, Mitch shows up at the Joe now and then.  When?  October and April.  No time for Detroit hockey during the regular season.  Nope. Mitch is all about the beginning and the end.  Unfortunately, like so many mediocre writers, he’s forgotten the middle.  But when the time comes to rip the Wings, with very little knowledge of the team or organization….there he is, The Delicate Genius.

You’ll probably notice that we borrow a few terms from that glossary…I would like to think that the Chief believes that those words and phrases belong to all of Red Wing-dom…but who knows.