This quote was plucked from yesterday’s post.

written by Twig, January 26, 2010 disappointed
that really was the saddest loss of the year for me. mainly because i wasn’t surprised.

Was anybody?


I’m so disappointed/frustrated/angry that I don’t really know what to say right now.  This team is forming the worst possible habit in professional sports…a baffling inability to hold onto leads.  It’s really quite remarkable at the sheer consistency in which they blow one and two goal leads.  They’re handing over points like pedophiles with candy on Halloween.


This isn’t working.  This needs to be fixed.


How many times are we going to let people park out in front of our net with the game on the line?  How many times are we going to play the puck instead of the body?  How many times are we going to ice the puck on an empty net?  How many times are we going to try and send a backhanded clearing attempt around our net?  How many, guys? 


It’s all about execution.  We all thought we had the right guys out there…clearly, we were wrong.  Anyone know if those are the same peeps that let the lead get away from us on Saturday?  Because if so, they’re riding the pine next time it’s crunch time.


Lidstrom looked like a fool on the game tying goal.  Stewart looked like it was game 7 all over again, “here, have a goal, it’s on me.”


Lots of questions…no answers.