This Just In: They All Suck.

Arguably the worst goalies to ever play in a Stanley Cup Final…all three of them.  Check out the stats from last night’s game:

  • Brian Boucher (L) – .786 save percentage
  • Michael Leighton – .769 save percentage
  • Antti Niemi (W) – .852 save percentage

Stellar boys…real stellar.  Anyone who says that Chris Osgood is the worst goalie to ever win a Stanley Cup need look no further than any one of these three that ends up winning it all this year.


Niemi is 6’2…but he wears leg pads that might be a little too big if you put them on Zdeno Chara.  It’s the same thing that King Henrik does in Broadway.  You wear the biggest leg pads possible so that you can play deep in your crease and just worry about the high stuff.

There’s a reason we’ve had 11 goals in two separate games in this Stanley Cup Finals…because none of these goalies should be a starter in the NHL.  In fact, none of them were.  Huet is getting paid $6.7 million to ride the pine, and Boucher and Leighton are only swapping sucky play because Ray Emery has a bone disease.

But hey, ratings are up, aren’t they?  That’s because high scoring affairs (aka piss poor defense and sh*tty goaltending) cator to the fringe fans that don’t really follow hockey…like the entire city of Chicago.