Just Say ‘No’ to Mo?


From Sports Illustrated‘s Allan Muir:

To my eyes there were too many shifts, and too many nights, over the past two seasons when it looked like Modano had slapped a stamp on it. It’s easy to get sucked in by those wheels and think he can still bring it, but I don’t believe he’s had the heart for 82 nights of battle.

It’s true that Modano’s point production has begun to slip…but that’s hardly a surprise seeing that he’s on the wrong side of 40.  But the real reason he hasn’t signed on the dotted line is that his heart is in question.  He doesn’t know if he wants to play another year.  This coming from a guy who had his captaincy stripped some years back because the front office didn’t believe that he was the right guy to lead his team.

I know that we’re expecting marginal production from him because we’re giving him a marginal salary and marginal ice time…but is it really worth it to the organ-i-zation?  The Red Wings are very deep at the center position and we’d have to move one player off of their natural position to fit Modano into the fold…which isn’t always a bad thing (Valterri Filppula 09-10 season).  But if Modano goes all “Brett Hull in Phoenix” on us…we may have made a huge mistake because he WILL be taking the spot of one our younger guys (Ritola, Miller, etc.)

Kenny Holland thinks the potential reward is worth the risk…but he’s been wrong before.  The longer Modano waits to decide, the more skeptical I am going to become.

Maybe Garth is right and maybe he isn’t…but this waiting game is becoming tiresome.