Saturday’s with Sully – Halloween Edition

Hallow’s Eve (tomorrow, but you get it). That one special time of year where we don’t have to be in Vegas to celebrate sin. This is the weekend in which we target the weakest kid with the biggest bag of candy, beat him senseless with a bar of soap inside of a hand towel and engorge ourselves on the taste of victory (which tastes suspiciously like high fructose corn syrup, I’ve learned). This is also the time of year where we homeowners get to hang a huge banner that says “No We’re Not Giving Out F***ing Candy To You Worthless A**hole Children, Scourge of The Future” and hope that at least one member of the group can read. I’m a huge fan of the holiday but I’m also a fan of being different, so I’m loaded with Tricks for whoever thinks I’m going to sit idly and enjoy whatever stupid costume they show up as. Seriously, I’ve seen it all by now. Realistically, I’ll probably give candy out Sunday night if I’m sober. Otherwise, I might barf into an awning bag of candy just because it looks so inviting.

(I originally searched for a Red Wings themed jack-o-lantern but this is the winner.  The most amazing I’ve ever seen)

And oh yeah, we play a game tonight! On tonight’s menu, Bubba, deep fried pig insides with a side of ranch. With or without Hudler we stand a fighting chance to win tonight if we can figure out how to keep Martin Erat from being a dick (his 7 powerplay goals he’s scored against Detroit are by far the most he’s put up on any team) and try not to pick a fight with Shea Weber.

Halloween weekend isn’t really much of a trick for Detroit, we’ve only lost twice in the last six seasons on the Last Game of October, probably due entirely to Chris Osgood and Jonathan Ericsson (that’s sarcasm, for all you haters). Ozzy will likely get the start tonight as Doc Ock still has some back issues (why wouldn’t he? What with those appendages and all) and Osgood is pretty adamant about making up for spotting Phoenix that 3 goal lead in the early stages of Thursday night’s game. He was. Seriously. Terrible. Hopefully he can regain the confidence and swagger he had when I originally put his posters up in my room.

Today’s Halloween edition of Saturday’s with Sully isn’t loaded with the typical hate, and likewise is realitively unloaded in terms of material. I could go after Tyler of the Triple Deke for his post-game of Anaheim wherein he made the exact same joke I already had a day after and got way more love for it because people think Tyler’s cool and I’m not even though, little do they know, I pooped in the back seat of his Maybach. Or Bentley. Or whatever the hell it is that has red velour interior and enough space to fit Happy and 16 of his favourite Czech Hookers. Czookers, if you will. No, I won’t be going there.

Instead, I’d like to ask what everyone is doing for Halloween. Any special traditions? Any great costume ideas? My room mate was pretty set on going as Keith Stone but that all came to an unfortunate end as he was slightly burned in an accident whilst working in the Mines of Moria. No s#@%, I’m not making that up. Backside of his head caught a ball of molten carbon from air arcing and it rolled off of him in such a way as to cause enough damage to (and this is part that’s really going to make you cringe) ruin his Halloween costume! Terrible, I know, but he’s a good sport about it. He’s going as a burn victim or a leper or something, taking advantage of his disfigurement.

I have guests here this weekend, distinguished guests no less, so this is a slow weekend on my part as well (obligatory apologies to Chris and Andrew).