Saturday’s With Sully – Campbell…Eghghgh

Are we more hateful after a loss?  Maybe.  But we as Detroit fans have been winners since the Industrial Era began, so pardon me for not taking a loss very well.  A loss always seems to bring out my keen eye for observing faults in my team.  Like Jimmy Howard.  How about controlling some rebounds yourself instead of relying on Brad Stuart to try and pad his own save percentage?  Circus?  Yeah, we need you to Fly.  Mike Modano?  If you’re not going to shoot the effing puck then at least smile for the camera so my lady friends can “get in the mood.”  Otherwise, I’m not okay with that permanent frown you like to rock.

Other than that, I like our effort (Third Period Only) last night.  But if I can add just one more thing to the discussion of “things I notice when we lose”…I’d like to present Exhibit A.  The most notorious and often-resorted-to excuse of all Red Wings faithful in the event of a loss.  No, not old age.  Officiating.  Yeah, it’s always bad.  It’s always inconsistent.  But when we lose?  I notice it much, much more.

And guess what, Red Wings fans?  We finally have a case.  Colin Campbell has been exposed as a corrupt disciplinarian with an agenda which allows his personal feelings towards players to affect his decision making.  Or has he?
NHL VP of Hockey Operations, Colin O’Scopy Campbell

We all thought he was exposed, but perhaps he was only undressed and shown as a war criminal in the blogging world.  In the professional world, as in, the MSM?

Bob Mackenzie:

“The truth is there is this incredibly huge, and growing by leaps and bounds every day, disconnect between how hockey fans and media view crime and punishment in the NHL and how the league and those who comprise it — the 30 owners, the 30 GMs, the 30 head coaches, the 700-plus players who play the game, the NHL head office executives led by commissioner Gary Bettman and, finally, the NHL Players Association — deal with it.”

Want some more?

It’s not about one man, it never has been. It’s about The Game, those who run it, those who play it and how they govern it. They do, we (media and fans) don’t. That’s just the way it is.

Really?  Okay, sure, it’s not about one single man, but that doesn’t mean one guy can’t f*** things up.  Don’t relieve him of his responsibility to the game like that, Bob.  You have a chance, as a voice who matters in the public and the arena of concerned hockey fans, to go help the NHL right its administrative wrongs by bringing to light a majour issue and explaining why it’s unacceptable; and you give us this crap?  For that, I hate you, and am almost glad I don’t get TSN in my part of what’s left of the world.

And who do we trust in these times?  We’ve blamed the officials for everything from goalies’ heads being overwhelmed by gravitational pull and having them sucked into the recesses of Tomas Holmstrom’s ass…

…we’ve blamed officials for calling no-goal on Brad May’s only chance to be a real professional hockey player…

…we’ve blamed officials for Intent to Blow

…and we especially are none too fond of our series against San Jose, in which they won that series four games to one, each of the four wins by one goal with a perpetual two man advantage until we pulled Jimmy in the final minutes…

And this is only us.  The rest of the league is no bigger fan of this than we are.  Suspensions and lack thereof have ruined any chance of consistency the NHL officials have ever hoped to restore.

We know now it wasn’t their fault.  It isn’t Brad Watson’s fault his intent to blow is in a league of its own, save for your senior prom date.  It isn’t any fault of the officials that Evgeni Malkin wasn’t issued a suspension in Game 2 of the 2009 SCF for message sending, text or otherwise, when he tried smiting Zata with crosschecks.

It’s the fault of our own League, as in, the people behind the League.  Those who make actual decisions on people’s futures, not just the games, are to blame for everything.  And now we have proof.  And no one in the MSM seems to care outside of Patrick Bateman’s little brother and NESN play-by-play guy, Jack Edwards.

I’ll leave you with a bit of maturity, for change.  I don’t want his head on a pike (yet).  What I do want, is for the league to say that there is enough evidence to investigate Colin Campbell.  And that’s where my maturity ends.  Because putting Colin Campbell under investigatory leave makes me feel like we’re asking for an Official NHL Colinoscopy.

Zing.  Now Let’s Go Red Wings and please, for the love of God, get a system in place that is fair to everyone.