San Jose Sharks = Greg Louganis

From The Spoof! a satirical, yet in the is case – accurate, website…

With a tremendous display of athleticism both on their skates and off them, the San Jose Sharks won a heated competition with the Detroit Red Wings last night by virtue of flailing arms and off-balance dramatics in the act of professional diving.

Enjoyed by one and all in the “Shark Tank”, including both fans and on-ice officials, the diving was truly first rate, earning the Sharks widespread applause and an extra two minutes of man-advantage multiple times in the game. The officials were so in awe of the quality of the San Jose dive that their arms were lifted as if by God’s own hand while signaling one of several penalties to the Wings.


Pretty much sums it up doesn’t it?  You can call a slashing penalty on Jimmy Howard but not Evgeni Nabakov for flopping like a fish out of water.  Refs never hesitated to call an unsportsmanlike conduct against the Dominator when he would flail.

There’s more the article if you want to click the link, which was actually listed on Google News.

Maybe it’s not as satirical as the author had intended.