Sammy has Faith in Detroit

From the Montreal Gazette

“They had a couple of bad breaks, I would say, with penalties and stuff like that.  That can happen. But I think they will give the Sharks a good series.”–Mikael Samuelsson

Sammy who earned the sarcastic nickname “William Tell” for shooting so many times off the mark, watched the game on Sunday and obviously thinks that his old team got jobbed as well.  But the winger, whom Detroit let walk to re-sign either Hudler or Hossa (whoops) still thinks that Detroit can pull of the series.

Sammy had a career year while finally getting top line minutes with the Sedin twins in Vancouver.  In retrospect, he would have gotten comporable playing time had he stayed in Detroit throughout the injury plagued season.  If we had know Happy was leaving, would we have kept Sammy around?

That’s a question for a different time.  We have more pressing matters at hand.  But I thought it was a good quote from a former player who still believes in his old team.

We all know that Sammy can hold a grudge (Team Sweden).