And Salei Makes 24


Fitting that Salei will most likely take Chris Chelios’s #24 jersey and that he makes up the 24th player that Detroit has signed on already. 

We’re still awaiting the signing of Justin Abdelkader – who will make 25 players and NONE of them can be sent down to Grand Rapids without clearing waivers.  Kirk Maltby, as I’ve said before, will have to take a two-way deal to remain with the organ-i-zation – he simply doesn’t have a choice anymore.

But with 25 players to be signed soon, that means that two players will have to be moved, whether it’s down to Grand Rapids, via a trade, or gobbled up on the waiver wire.

 Here’s the Cap Geek numbers:

Now…bare with me as I try and do some Cap math.

  1. Take out the incentive bonuses to Salei and Modano (850K total) and we stand at $395,455 in Cap Space.
  2. I’m going to predict that Abdelkader will sign for 2 years at a Cap hit of around $800K which puts us at -$404,545 in Cap space
  3. If we move Meech ($500,000) AND Ritola ($516,667) – whether one or both finds a home in Grand Rapids with another franchise – that leaves us with $612,122 in Cap Space
  4. That $616,122 will leave us with enough room for an emergency call-up with Joey McDonald, should Ozzie or Howie get hurt (and not put on LTIR).
  5. That means that we would be able to keep Miller/Draper as reserve forwards and Kindl as the reserve defenseman.

What do you think?