Roundtable Went On the Wings

In case you guys missed it yesterday, Matt Saler from On the Wings hosted a brand spanking new edition of the Red Wings Blogger Roundtable. 

Here were his questions:

  1. The Detroit hockey media has been a favorite whipping boy of the Wings-o-sphere for years. Despite a wide range of outlets and a fanbase thirsty for any and all bits of information, the stories always seem to be the same, with the same boring quotes and same boring angles, to the point where it’s a standing joke. A common criticism of the beat writers is that they seem to avoid the tough questions. What does that mean for you? What do you wish they would write about? Understanding that these guys need to maintain a working relationship with the team, where specifically would you want them to push the envelope?
  2. Do you think there is some value in the Wings’ apparent short leash on the media in terms of attraction for players looking to come here and in terms of current players’ comfort here? There’s no denying that the players here have bright lights on them, but compared to markets like Toronto and Montreal, they seem to have a high level of privacy at the same time. The bright lights are shining in the Joe, not into their private lives and on their off-ice personas. Do you think if we got our way and the media went beyond cookie-cutter mundane stories, it would have an impact on the appeal of Detroit as a destination for free agents and as a long-term home for current players? If so, do you think the blandness of MSM hockey coverage in Detroit is an acceptable trade-off?
  3. There’s a way of thinking in the ‘sphere that it’s good that the Wings don’t give out credentials to bloggers. The thought goes that if the Wings have the MSM following their direction to the degree they seem to, bloggers would completely lose their editorial independence. Better to be on the outside and say what you want than be on the inside and be tamed. But the recent credentialing discussion has me wondering: if the Wings had a open and permissive blogger policy like the Capitals, would you apply? If so, what would you look to do with your access? Would you see it changing your perspective on the team and individual players?

Yes, some of my fellow Red Wings bloggers absolutely adore the loaded questions and questions within their questions – but you have to respect the amount of time and thought that must have went into these.  These guys are really doing their best to challenge us and make us think.

Answering Matt’s questions regarding Detroit’s media were:

So head on over to OtW and let Matt know what you think.  Or if you’re too lazy and you want to let me know what you think, go ahead and leave your comments here.