Ritola Waived – Will He Make it to GR?

Ritola waiving goodbye to the Show.

Ritola has been a so-so player in his career.  The Red Wings are one of the most talented, deep teams in the the NHL.  So for him to make the team this season, he was going to have to have one hell of a training camp.

The results?

Goals: 0
Assists: 1
+/-: -2

And a ticket to Grand Rapids.  That simply is not going to do it.  We don’t need another Klopecky.

Ken Holland’s thoughts (per Khan!)

“I think he had some games where he played pretty well,’’ Red Wings general manager Ken Holland said. “There’s areas of his game we want him to get more into, the scoring areas. He’s doing a better job, but not where we want him to be.’’

Think that he’ll make it there?  My money is on yes.   With the glut of players currently around the league, I don’t know if anyone really thinks that it is worth it to add a 40 point AHL’er to their squad.

But then again, the recent results say waived by the Wings = NHL star.