RIP: Dustin Penner’s Dignity

So Robert Tychkowski was right, someone did get killed during Edmonton’s trip to Detroit, aka, the city where there is always a “chance of murder.” Today we morn (celebrate) the death of Dustin Penner’s dignity, as he is now offically owned by #13, Pavel Datsyuk.

So this is what happens when a 6-4, 250 pound object meets a crazy 5-11 Russian and then is toyed with for the rest of the shift.

(The internet is amazing.  This was up like 14 seconds after it happened.)

And btw, Bertuzzi made a pass to Cleary holding the stick the wrong way. I’m not even sure what to say, HBO makes mini-series about moves like that.

6-2 Wings Win.  Eat it Tychkowski.