Return of Dr. eVille

Most of you, like Bingo Bango Jessie,completely forgot about the existence of Ville Leino.  I’m still thinking that the guy can turn into a quality NHL player, but our hands were tied and he wasn’t producing…in short, the guy had to go.


Ville apparently ditched the comb-over haircut (finally).  Subsequently, he also stopped driving a white panel van with no windows and stopped asking children at the mall if they would help him find his “lost puppy”.  Leino shaved his head, making him look slightly less awkward.  Apparently, as he told Khan(!)

“I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time.” 

Val Filppula, Nik Kronwall, and Pavel Datsyuk all met with Leino for dinner on Saturday night in Philadelphia.  Apparently, there aren’t any hard feelings about Leino being showed the door in Detroit.

“I kind of knew at the end there’s a chance for that. Still it comes as a surprise.  It was a good thing for me.”–Ville Leino


Leino helped set up the eventual game winner when Aaron Asham was left all alone in front of Ozzie for a tap-in goal.  Leino went on to describe his time in Philly:

“I’ve been playing a little better, getting a little more ice time.  Feeling a little bit more free. Once in a while you can make one mistake. Just feel more confident, too. There’s not as much skill here, so I feel like there’s more open spot for me.”

Well, as long as he’s willing to admit that there isn’t as much skill in Philly.

Anyone else see Brad Stuart light him up in the neutral zone yesterday?  I had muttered to the group I was watching it with that it would be funny to see Nik Jr. KronWall him if he had the chance.  Unfortunately, we saw the return of Nik KronVall…thanks to Pierre McGuire who refuses to pronounce his name correctly. 

But Stuey decided to step up and give Ville a small parting gift.