Releasing the Hate vs the Flames

Fantasy Hockey isn’t going so well as the blogger formerly known as Tyler of the Triple Deke has taken a commanding lead with…and I’m not making this up…Marty Turco leading the way. So I’m a bit angry. Because, honestly, Turco as your best player in Fantasy Hockey? That’s totally gay(TM Hillary Duff).

So I’m going to rant about something else. The Calgary Flames. A team that boasts some the biggest superstars in the world. A team that has a goalie that knows what it means to succeed when it doesn’t matter, only to fall when the whole world is watching. Okay, to be fair, his failures only include the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Olympics, but c’mon. What else is there that matters?

And because this is the same team that once gooned it up to the point that they subbed out said superstar goaltender turned choke artist so that they could re-enact a ’70’s axe-murderer slasher movie scene with the Mule, I’m all in favour of us relentlessly wooping the ass of any and all Albertian Order members donning the flaming “c” on their torsos.

L.G.R.W. And I’m bringing the hate up from the Post-Apocalyptic Lair I call home tonight.