Red Wings Lead the Way.

Okay so the actual title is “Rangers Lead the Way”, but since we’re not talking about New York (who failed to make the play-offs) I had to modify the movie title just a little to make it relevant.  This is it…the last movie poster of this year…maybe ever, who knows?  What I do know is that there could be no greater way to end this regular season then by once again smacking little brother in mouth and letting them know that the Western road to Lord Stanley’s Cup, goes through Hockeytown.

April 10th: Detroit Red Wings @ Chicago Blackhawks


In a farce of a regular season, a task force of $7.5 million ginger defensemen, cab driver slappers, and an army of drunken, slobbering bandwagon fans attempt capturing the Stanley Cup in the most over-rated neighborhood of Chicago. The mission is led by Jonathan Toews’ terrible sideburns, and was supposed to happen last year. The Central Division title quest by Chicago is successful, but the Detroit Red Wings, armed with a full/healthy roster, shoot many, many pucks by Cristobel Huet, and the resulting resurgency of Detroit’s season extends the mission into the play-offs, where Detroit will reign supreme.