Red Wings 2 – Kings I Can’t Rightly Remember

Last live blog of this road trip, as we welcome back Jiri Hudler’s pre-KHL spooning partner, Chris Osgood and NHL All-Time faceoff wins record holder, Kris Draper.  Okay, only one of those two monikers are true, and unfortunately, it’s the…yeah.  There are many Red Wings fans in attendance at this game, many of whom I’ve met either at H2H or on an hallowed mission bailin’ Wingnuts out of jail (I’m looking at you, Calquake).  So this is really putting what they’re experiencing into writing and adding whatever retarded slurred parts of speech Murph attempts to bleat out during the FSD telecast.

Before the game Murph is talking about Justin Williams, gets confused, then says “They’re thinking of playing the two, talking about Justin Williams, with Stoll and Kopitar.”  WTF?  Is Williams a Jeckyl and Hyde type of athlete?  Generally schizophrenic?  Or, more likely, Murph is probably just drunk off his ass.


1:00 Mark – Detroit lets me know they came to play in this game as the first shift sustains enough pressure that they can change out and bring the second line in whilst they cycle the puck.  What’s more?  The third line also makes an appearance as LA’s first liners are still in their defensive zone. 
5:00 Mark – First penalty against LA is a high stick, pretty obvious and near the puck, that goes missed by the nearest official.  Larue calls it in from center ice though.  Where have we seen that before?  The first PP of the game doesn’t break the perfect streak that LA has going, but looks very good and sober (d*ck-wise).
9:00 Mark – Osgood, wow.  Times like this when I wonder what it would be like to have Jack Edwards of NESN as our play-by-play guy.  “Not his fault, total reputation call.  Wings shorthanded, *sigh* AGAIN!”  Then Datsyuk’s pick-pocketing of Drew Daughty would make him laugh maniacally and I’d find another team to follow.
13:00 Mark – The Let’s Go Red Wings chant is combated by Kings fans with…of all the f***ing things in the world…booing?  Yes, they’re booing in their own arena during a perfectly competitive, scoreless hockey game because our fans are louder in their home arena.  Kings fans can suck my backside.
14:00 Mark – I’m loving that organist in the Staples Center.  Was anybody in attendance loving this as much as me?  I’m also not actually sure it was a real organ on-hand, but it was great sounding nonetheless.
15:30 Mark – Datsyuk leads the rush on a neutral zone turnover, fires it at the net, Homer gets clobbered and Jonathan Ericsson kindly asks you to STFU, haters.
First period ends with some solid play, defensively by the Red Wings.  Very responsible and really quick sticks, pestering the Kings and keeping them from getting too many good looks at Ozzie.  Thanks for showing up on time, boys.  And then Ericsson tells John Keating that they were “slow” last night, didn’t have the legs moving and that they need to get better in this game too.  Bog, I love this team.


Are intermissions ever summarized in an LB?  They goddamn are when Trevor Thompson tells us to go to and vote for Curly Fries or Jr. Roast Beef Sandwich whenever a Red Wing scores a hat trick.  Boom baby!  You can take away our superstars when they sit out during an All-Star Game, you can take away our goalie’s Calder trophy, our Defenseman’s Norris Trophy, our Stanley Cup, but you keep your goddamn dirty paws off our dangle-danglin’ free curly fries!  I’d rather you push Murph over the edge by taking away Dollar Hot Dog Night. 


1:00 Mark – 2 goals in a minute, 1 for each team.  DETROIT 1-8-7 ties it up after an ugly opening shift.
2:00 Mark – I learn that Kris Draper, who has 4 Stanley Cups, 1 Selke Trophy, a plethora of war scars and like 80 years in the league, doesn’t have 200 career assists.  WTF?
6:00 Mark – Ericsson, dangerous opportunity.  Had he hit his target it’s a goal and a beaut.
7:00 Mark – Uncharacteristic losing of battles by our 4th line.  2-2 after a crazy deflection.  I know what you’re thinking, Osgood had NO chance on that penalty.  Next shift?  They’re going to call a penalty on that!  Interference?  These men in stripes had been letting a lot of stuff go, and with the way they’re calling the game, this call makes no sense.  Sure, it’s technically the correct call, but they had previously been letting that crap go all night.
Second period was a generally up-tempo, intense and entertaining period.  And Brad Stuart was absolutely slayin’ bitches out there.  Very good hockey.  And I know Tyler already covered it, but that T-Payne Toshiba commercial is hilarious. 


Good energy by all lines, both teams.  And good defense on both parts.  And Ozzie with some huge saves.  LA was blocking a lot of shots and good thing (for them), too.  Otherwise we’re looking at some Detroit goals.  Also, both teams missed the net like 50 times in the first few shifts. 
13:00 Mark – Abdelkader, Cleary and Helm are guys that can play on any line.  So why not play them all on the same line?  Seems to work pretty well, they are very defensively reliable and create havoc with their effort level and forecheck.  Scary good, but no finesse and no goals.
The third period is looking way too even after 55 total minutes of hockey and no third period goals, not many real good chances in that stanza either.  And then…



Next up:  Sharks.  Mule is hungry (again).  Let’s Go Red Wings.