Rebound Game for Jimmy

Howie needs to bounce back.  I for one am a Jimmy supporter and I think bringing in Osgood as this point would doom this series for the Red Wings.  But, having said that…Jimmy needs to have a strong showing tonight.  Here are some very unfavorable stats…

Now of course these don’t show blown defensive assignments or Lidstrom **shudders** getting turned inside out by a stupid Coyote forward on a give and go.  But Jimmy did see that kind of stuff in the regular season.  It’s time to pick it up, and he knows that.

A strong performance leading to a win in this series and it’s STFU to pretty much everyone…until next game that is.  This is the first real pivotal game that Jimmy has to be called on during his brief career in the NHL.  The question is how will he respond to back-to-back 4 goals-against games?

The team has to step up their play in front of him.  And that includes all 5 skaters on the ice on every shift.  Phoenix committed to playing sound defense in Game 3 and it completely frustrated the Wings (and their fans).  It’s time we do something similar and turn this series around.

Let’s head to Phoenix with a tied series, shall we?