“We Overpaid for Zetterberg”

JJ from Kansas, All-Star member of The 19 at A2Y and obvious NOHS posted this on twitter…

Somebody please remind Zetterberg what Erat said about him being overpaid.

Ah yes…remember that?  I actually had exclusive coverage of that story.  It wasn’t from Khan(!), it didn’t come from Miss St. James, and Chris McCosky certainly didn’t break that story to you.  It was me…and my buddy on the inside.  Let’s go through it again for the fun of it…


“Insider”: Who is a foreign player on Nashville with blonde hair?

Me: Marty Erat?

“Insider”: Could be.  He told one of my colleagues that Zetterberg isn’t that good and we overpaid (for him)

Me: Ass.

Insider”: Yep

That was posted at 1:30 PM.  An hour later, after I sent my buddy a pic of Marty Erat, he confirmed that it was him who was talking crap about our future captain.

I just wanted to throw this reminder out there for those of you not on twitter.  I don’t care if he was joking or not.  I don’t care if it was all the way back in January.  It still makes me mad.  It should still make you mad.

I said it on January 29th and it worked, I’ll say it again today hoping that it will still work tonight:

Hank, shut him up…hard.