Quotes from the Walking Wounded

Another blown lead on Saturday…another loss to a team we should have beaten.  I don’t winged_wheelknow what’s keeping this team from playing with a little urgency.  This is the most frustrating season I’ve experienced in a very long, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time.

Perhaps when we get all of our injured players back, this team can finally right itself and stay in the top eight in the Western Conference where it belongs.  The return of Kronwall might mean a decrease in Ericsson giveaways that always lead to goals.  The return of Jason Williams might mean the end of Derek Meech on the 2nd power-play unit.  The return of BOTH of those players will mean the end of Derek Meech altogether.  And when the Mule finally gets back in the lineup, we’ll finally have a big gun out there who can score the clutch goals.  Here’s what some of our wounded soldiers had to say to the Detroit News:

“It’s been a tough run.  I’m just glad to be on the ice again. Now, I know it’s getting really close. So just try to be out there as much as possible and do what I can. Right now, I can do everything and it feels really good day after day. It’s a good sign. It’s just a matter of getting the legs back and the lungs back. A few more practices and I should be good to go.”–Niklas Kronwall

“I’ve been skating a couple times, three times this week with Willy and Kronner and just you get out there for a spin and stickhandling and stuff like that, nothing really serious skating.  It didn’t feel that good. I can’t really push away.”–Tomas Holmstrom

“If I can get in and play sometime next week, that would be great.  That’s something that I’m striving for. Each day I go out there, I feel better. I’d just like to get a couple practices underneath me where I’m banged around a little bit and taking some one-on-ones, some three-on-twos, and just sort of testing it out that way as well. I definitely feel a lot better, I feel confident in my skating and things like that. It’s just the bumps and the grinds and things, I’ve got to see how that will react to it.”–Jason Williams

It’s getting close, my friends.  A full roster is on the horizon for the first time all season.  And when they all return, we’ll learn what this season was really all about…patience, or delusion.

Were we right to say that it was all the injuries?  Will the team rally at full strength, make a great play-off push and climb the standings?  Or were we all kidding ourselves all along…