Questions While We Wait

Diggers?  Hello?  Did the Wings skate this morning?  How is Holmstrom feeling?  What are the line combinations?  What are the defensive pairings?  Any updates?  Ms. St. James?  McCosky?  Khan(!?)

Dear lord, I think our “beat writers” are still on Pacific Time.  Let’s see what the injury report tells about tonight’s game:


So no Lilja (obviously), but if he comes back, we’re going to need to free up another $1.2 mil in cap space.  No Eaves, and no Kronwall.  Is that because Kronwall is still waiting for his new knee brace to arrive?  Did they not over-night ship it?  Did this radical new design need to be reverse engineered and slightly altered before it could be patented and built?  If he’s sitting because it hurts, why not just tell us?

Is Holmstrom playing or not?  I’d like to know.

Oh and this too…

F**k off, St. Louis.