Quarter-Finals Wrap Up

As I said yesterday, I left work a mite early in order to catch the entire USA vs Switzerland game (in HD…yay).  I saw most of the Canada/Russia game and I fast forwarded through Finland/Czech Republic and Sweden/Slovakia on my DVR this morning.  So, I have seen at least a portion of all the games.  I’ll catch up on the rest tonight since my Men’s League this evening (yes, I’m playing back to back nights) doesn’t even start until 10:45 PM.

The Good…

It wasn’t pretty, but Team USA took care of business.  Hiller was as solid in this game as he has been all tournament long…even though he’s a cheater and has huge leg pads that allow him to drop on every single shot…in most cases, before the shot.  Parise finally registers a goal (two of them).  The first one is pretty much credited to Raff and a ridiculously lucky bounce that the hockey gods owed America after that end of the 2nd debacle.

The Bad…


Not the way Nick Lidstrom wanted to end his Olympic career.  Sweden should have handled the Slovaks easily.  Lundquist should have spread the 4 goals he let in all tournament long around a little more evenly throughout the games.  Zetterberg finally popped one in, but to no avail.  At least Franzen got to skate and more importantly, left the games no worse for wear.  Now all of the Red Wings Swedes can use their anger of going medal-less to push Detroit into the play-offs…or so we all hope.

The Ugly…


This game was a disgrace (if you’re Russian).  Not one time did the Ruskies appear to be in this game after Canada scored early in the 1st.  Malkin was invisible, Datsyuk looked disinterested (as he tends to do) and Ovechkin broke like 1,000 sticks.  Canada looked completely unstoppable in this contest.  Even Brendan Morrow contributed.  Hopefully they don’t overlook Slovakia as they overlooked Switzerland in the preliminaries.  They were pretty happy to see Sweden fall.  It should be a cake walk to the Gold Medal Game for the host team.

…and The Boring.


Neither team looked very impressive in this game.  I suppose both Halak Vokoun and Kiprusoff looked stellar in net, but this game didn’t have much excitement (the little part that I watched, anyway).  Jagr did end up playing in this one, but like the rest of his teammates, couldn’t put a single goal past the Finnish netminder. Once again, the Finns stand between the US and a possible Gold Medal.  So, sorry Val, but get out of the way.