“Hey You Guys!”

So there isn’t jack squat going on in the news today.  We’re still waiting for Abdelkader to be signed and other than that, our roster is pretty much set from now until September.

So what do we do on days like this?  How about a movie poster?  I haven’t done one in a while so why not try firing one off in the off-season amidst all this serious news that I’ve been spewing out in the off-season.

Today we honor a rarity in the Detroit organ-i-zation.  The enforcer.  The heavy-handed, bug hearted thugs who go out there and defend his teammates through the fistic arts.  Ladies and gentlemen…

  • Bob Probert
  • Joe Kocur
  • Brad May
  • Stu Grimson
  • Aaron Downey
  • Darren McCarty

I decided it would be rather counter-intuitive to put the heads of hardasses onto the bodies of girls, so I left them alone.  Doesn’t Downey look great with Chunk’s mop?