Praying for Pinky

…to beat the slumping Los Angeles Kings tonight in regulation.  Now that Detroit has ascended all the way to 6th place in the Western Conference…

…we can stay where we are if LA drops the game in hand that have over us.  I’m not going to surf through and find the old post where I said that we would end up ahead of Denver in the standings just to link to it, but I just had a gut feeling that those mountain boys weren’t going end up with a higher seed.

We’re also hoping that Vokoun and the rest of the Florida Panthers can pull an upset against The Predators tonight.  A regulation loss for Nashville and a ‘W’ tomorrow against the Oilers for Detroit, and we will have moved all the way up to fifth place in the Conference.

Score watching doesn’t suck so much anymore…in fact, now it gets a little interesting.