Positives from Last Night

Now that we’ve all had time to calm down (and in my case, put other issues ahead of the Wings’ problems) for a while, let’s look at what few good things we can take away from last night…

  1. Kronwall looked g-r-r-r-eat for his first game back -a welcome addition.
  2. Patrick Eaves IS the new Dan Cleary.  Message to Kenny Holland – lock this guy up for at least 5 years BEFORE the season is over.
  3. Best game for the Euro Twins in a long time.
  4. We did get one point, it’s not what we wanted, but better than nothing (I guess).
  5. We’re still in the top eight in the Western Conference
  6. As of right now, the injury report looks like this…


Let’s let calmer heads prevail.  So we’ve blown leads against Washington, Minnesota, Los Angeles, and Phoenix in consecutive games (man, that looks bad)…there’s still tonight.  How about two full points and zero for the opponents?  It’s do-able.  Let’s pull within one of Nashville. 

 If both we and Dallas take care of business tonight, we’ll still be in good shape and primed to climb the standings as more of our guys get healthy.