Pointless Preview: 1/12 vs Islanders

So it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these.  It’s kind of hard to not be repetitive especially against teams that we’ve already faced.  But with a fresh opponent comes a fresh(ish) Pointless Preview.  Here’s what I got…

Category #1: Owner’s Last Name

New York: Wang….


Detroit: Ilitch…


Kind of funny if you think about it.  The guy has both a word for “sickness” as well as a rash-related symptom.  His name could literally be translated as “sick, scratchy feeling”.

Winner: Detroit

Category #2: Team Mascot

New York has Sparky the Dragon


…because dragons obviously have a lot to do with Islanders.

Detroit has Al the Octopus


Like I said in previous Previews, it’s one of hockey’s oldest and greatest traditions (not the mascot, stupid).

Winner: Detroit

Category #3: Not One Swede?  Really?  Not One?

New York:


Detroit: Hardly a Healthy Swede


Also Criminal.

Winner: Detroit

Category #4: Mike Milbury was our GM (and was Replaced by Our Back-Up Goalie)

New York:  He’s been called the “Cousin Eddie” of General Managers


Detroit: Yeah, we passed on hiring Milbury

Winner: New York…Garth Snow actually retired from being back-up goaltender just to take Milbury’s job…seriously…you can’t even make that kind of thing up.

Prediction: Oh I dunno, I’m thinking we beat them in their barn by the same score they beat us in ours last year.  Wings win this one 2-0.