Point Predictions

Some of you may remember back in December, I made myself a little Exel file that I called the “DRW Point Prognostication Generator” to see where each player’s point total would be continuing at the pace they currently were on.

You can compare the numbers I came up with today to those I did back in December, if you so choose.

Here is a guide to what the headings mean:

  • # = Player number
  • GP = Games played
  • G = Goals
  • A = Assists
  • Pts = Points
  • GPG = Goals per game
  • APG = Assists per game
  • GL = Games left to be played
  • PG = Projected goals (in the games left to be played)
  • PA = Projected assists (in the games left to be played)
  • PPts = Projected points (in the games left to be played)
  • Total Points = sum of PPts + Pts

Injuries obviously have played a factor in both what players will actually get, what they were predicted to get, and what they are now predicted to get.  But the fact of the matter is that if our top scorer has a total of less than 70 points, that, my friends, is sad.

One thing of note when comparing the two predictions from December to now, Datsyuk’s predicted point total has changed by one stinking point…creepy.