Lidstrom’s Decision is Coming Soon

From the Free Press:

“Nick told me he will give me his decision by the end of this week.”–Kenny Holland


So by Friday, we’ll know if The Perfect Human is coming back for at least another season.  Losing two captains in a row in one off-season would sting pretty bad, but at least Nick is making us wait until the day before Free Agency or something.

Rumor has it that Holland is trying to negotiate to get Lidstrom’s salary to roughly $6,000,000 – the same amount we’re paying Brian Rafalski.  This would be a $1.45 million pay-cut.  But if King Lidas wants his $7.45 million, who’s to argue that he doesn’t deserve it?

Sure he’s on the wrong side of 40 (by a matter of weeks), and sure his point output has dropped off a bit (70 points in ’07-08, 59 points in ’08-09, 49 points in ’09-10)…but he’s still one of the league’s best defensemen.  For anyone who thinks that $7.45 million or even $6 million too much, just remember that Kimmo Timmonen is making $8 million a year.  Think about it.

The decision is coming and it is a big one.  What Lidstrom does will determine how busy Kenny Holland is in this off-season.  One can only assume that we’ll be re-signing most, if not all, of our restricted Free Agents.  And if Lidstrom takes a hit in pay to keep playing…maybe that would sway Tomas Holmstrom to do the same.  Who knows?

Well…we all will- by the end of the week.  Stay tuned.