Pinky Lowers the Bar

So since we’re playing the Wild again, and because the diggers are probably still in a bottle (like the rest of us would prefer to be), let’s see what every one’s favorite Minnesota Blogger/Home Depot employee is up too…


Apparently, he’s decided that walking up and spitting into the eye of the crocodile while it sleeps, probably wasn’t the best idea.  So why not turn your attention to the ECHL’s Florida Everblades and the blog dedicated to them?

My take on what happened last time…


Pinky’s new tactic…

The moral of the story?  Pick a smaller opponent with a “degree” of safety.  (See what I did there, with the quotation marks?)

I didn’t bother to read much of the article, and I wouldn’t recommend that you do either.  The point is that Pinky is still out there bashing bloggers that he deems inferior.  Only this time…he left The Chief out of it.  I’m pretty sure the Everblades’ followers are going to be a little less rabid on the rebuttal, eh, Wings Fan in KC?