Phoenix Phail: Sets New Attendance Record at 38.3%

Found out about this from our Founder,


All things considered, I mean not bad, right?  Let’s not forget context, okay.  This is a regular season game against a divisional “rival” opponent on a Thursday night.  This is an exhibition game to us.  Furthermore, I don’t think our fans have got the memo we don’t play half the season against our own division and sometimes zero games against Eastern Conferences teams anymore.  You know? 

Really though, c’mon.  This is a reminder of why Gary’s idea of a hockey franchise is all wrong.  Outside of the Ducks and Tampa Bay, warm weather hockey has been a terrible, miserable idea.   So there’s the context.

Now here’s the explanation.  6,700+ people in attendance only looks bad, but for those of us who’ve been  there, we know that Glendale’s arena doesn’t seat very many to begin with.  There’s just not enough (hand)’s to go around and please everyone.  I mean you can only start cutting back on the costs of those things before they turn into what everyone fears, a vigorous awkward rub and shake during what feels like a stare-down contest.  Are we still talking about the same thing?

Anyway, hockey in the desert, whether they take my advice or not, simply won’t work.