Pens Waddle Back into JLA


…It’s a long walk from Pittsburgh to Detroit for Rosby and the gang (they’re flightless birds, you know).  It’s the first time the Pens have entered the hallowed halls of Joe Louis Arena in nine months, but CBC is claiming that the stakes are still high, even though this isn’t game 7.

This season, only one of these perennial powers is a lock to return to the playoffs.

The Red Wings look to further solidify their post-season hopes with a third consecutive home victory Monday night when the Penguins return to Joe Louis Arena (7 p.m. ET).

Just making the playoffs, let alone a potential third straight Stanley Cup finals meeting with Pittsburgh (42-24-6), will be on the minds of the Detroit players in this contest.


Pittsburgh is in a dog fight with New Jersey for the Atlantic Division crown, but this game means a whole lot more to the Detroit Red Wings.  Battling for the right to play beyond mid-April should be a little more motivating than wondering if you’re going to be the #2 or the #4 seed in the Leastern Conference.

There are 19 guys on Detroit’s roster who were at least part of the organ-i-zation last year in June watching Cindy dance around with the Cup.  How many fans that were at that game 7 will be in attendance tonight?  You think they want a little retribution?

Detroit has not played well returning from West Coast trips.  I’m guessing that most teams that cross over 2 different time zones to play an inter-conference game would have some trouble the first game back as well…Eastern Conference teams don’t have that problem…we do.  Oh well.

If playing the Pittsburgh Penguins can’t shake off the “travel legs”, especially facing them at home, then we might as well pack it in right now.  The Penguins will be hungry, the Red Wings need to be hungrier.

Retribution…take it.