Pens Interested in Bertuzzi?


What’s the best way to get on everyone’s “Hate List” in Detroit?

Go to Chicago.


Go to Pittsburgh.

From the Edmonton Journal, in an article discussing the Pittsburgh Penguins perhaps trading away Evgeni Malkin…

Shero will be divesting himself of Ponikarovsky and Fedotenko this summer, and Guerin could retire, freeing up some other money. He can scour the free-agent list but its chock-a-block with goalies and not so many high-end forwards. Only Max Afinogenov, Alex Frolov, Lee Stempniak, and an older Paul Kariya at first blush, unless the Detroit Red Wings can’t afford Todd Bertuzzi.

Um…I don’t think so.  Sure it’s a Western Canada paper talking about Pittsburgh…but after all the chatter associated with my “Grade ‘Em: Todd Bertuzzi” post, everyone seems to think getting Todd back would be a good thing.

If Pittsburgh tries to poach him away?  Hate/anger…and Todd goes right back on the “hate your guts” list for me…he probably still remains on some Red Wings fans.  He did leave for Anaheim when they offered a longer-term contract.  Would he do it again?

God, I hope not.