Ozzie vs Babbles

Usually when a player start feuding with the head coach, one of them is sent packing.  So is Chris Osgood and Mike Babcock’s relationship damaged?  It certainly seems like when you see what Ozzie was telling the Detroit News

“I haven’t played in a month.  I think if I had played a little more — I mean those were good goals — but I still think I could have stopped them if I was in more of a groove. You take what you can get, I guess.”

Babcock has already decided to start Howard on Thursday.  He said that it was because the team needed points.  That didn’t sit too well with Mr. Osgood:

“I’ve gotten him a lot of points, you can write that.  I got him to the Stanley Cup Finals the last two years, you can write that, too.”

This is getting heavy…so far as to say that it appears Ozzie was quasi-accusing Babcock of setting him up for failure last night against the Caps.  When asked about getting his first start in a while against the highest scoring team in the league, Ozzie quipped:

“Yeah, that’s quite a coincidence.  Or maybe not.”

I have a feeling that this is not going to end well.  Like I said, when a player feuds with the coach, one of them has to go.  When it’s a star on the team, usually the coach gets the axe.  But when the disgruntled player is Chris Osgood, and the trade deadline is approaching….finish that sentence.