Ozzie Akbar!

One More Time, Congratulations, Chris

 As you all are well aware, Chris Osgood became the tenth goalie in NHL history to reach 400 wins on Tuesday night in Colorado. I think Ken Daniels said it best, and to paraphrase him:

“The NHL has been around 93 years and Chris Osgood has done what nine other goaltenders have, joining an elite list of 400…”

Well put, Ken. But for even greater depth and better perspective of just how good this is, I ask that you re-visit a post here on NOHS Chris, different goalie, put up just a couple of weeks ago.

This is where that whole “Hall of Famer?” debate gets kicked into a higher gear. Of course he’s a Hall of Famer, no question about it my mind, the man’s a steady force of Win. But as Chris pointed out, his W’s he’s collected over the years are more than guys like: The Dominator, The Beiser, Vernie, Bernie Parent, Ken Dryden, the Bulin Wall, Olie the Goalie, Mike Richter, Ron Ax-Murdering Hextall and Felix Potvin. He’s closing in on Grant Fuhr and should be there soon.

How is there still debate?

For what it’s worth, he has just become, as of today, the first non-literary inductee into my personal library with this poster now on my wall, opposite and old advert for The Master and Margarita (which is notable in its own right as it’s Pavel Valerievich Datsyuk’s favourite book and we highly recommend it):

 Great win, Ozzie. And great that we can do this in Colorado, those fans really need a lesson in what it means to draft a great goalie who has staying power, loyalty and success. Think they were taking notes?