Our Heroes

Three point games are things we are trying to avoid.  Especially with teams that we are trying winged_wheelto catch in the standings.  Well Jimmy Howard’s play guaranteed that we were going to get at least one point last night.

Darren Helm made sure that we got two, and LA got nothing.

From the Free Press

“I just took it to the net and there was a big hole there.  He went to poke it and I think we hit the puck at the same time and it just sneaked in there somehow and I saw it in the back of the net and was excited.” –Darren Helm

Luckily, his head was still on his shoulders after Jack Johnson tried to take it off on the charge to the net.  People are going to start noticing this kid.  He seems to be playing more and more like the little Tasmanian devil that we saw in the past two play-off runs.


And how about Jimmy Howard?  What can be said that hasn’t been said already?  Probably nothing, so let’s see what he had to say when The Namesake scored the GWG with less than 20 seconds to play in regulation…

“It was relief more than anything because I don’t know if I could have lasted another five minutes out there. Helmer made a great play. He got the puck in the corner and took it to the net hard and he was able to slide it five-hole. It’s a good thing to see from a guy that works really, really hard.”

Me thinks these two could be teammates for a long, long time.