Our Heroes – Issue #7

We’ve seen the glamour and gritty out of the defensive core, but unfortunately if the Red Wings are going to save the 2010 Post-Season, they may need to rely on this unlikely pair down the stretch…

Brett Lebda as The Green Hornet…


A smaller and fairly powerless hero, he usually depends on his more theatrical partner to get the job done.


 Jonny Ericsson as The Juggernaut…


He’s 6’5, you know.  This tower of power is still trying to figure out to fully utilize his sheer mass, and until he does, friend and foe beware of his destructive path.


You want to know what the sad(dest) part about all of this is?  I spent the most time out of all of these on Brett Lebda.  I had to use his Notre Dame class photo.  He was a tough one to think of too, but I thought I came up with a pretty perfect one in the end…everybody knows that show stuck around for so long because of Bruce Lee as Kato and not because of…um…whoever played the actual Green Hornet.