Our Heroes: Issue #2

Back by popular demand…it’s your 2009-2010 Save-the-Play-offs Super Team!  In this issue, an unlikely alliance is made with a notorious villain in order to help save the post-season hopes of the Detroit Red Wings…

Dan Cleary as Batman…


Not possesing any real “super” powers, he uses his physicality, smarts, and work ethic to be successful.

Val Filppula as Longshot…

This fair-haired heart throb not only gets by with uncanny luck, but also boasts impressive speed and agility.

Todd Bertuzzi as Sabretooth…


He is evil incarnate.  This hulking beast preys on the weak and is incapable of mercy.


Sorry for the delay between issues.  Work got crazy.  Since you guys seem anxious to participate go ahead and shoot me an e-mail at to have your own Save-the-Play-offs Super Team Hero posted.

Issue #3 will be out later tonight or tomorrow.  “Weekend posting?”  You bet your sweet bippy.