Our Heroes: Issue #1

Greetings!  The Wings are in 9th place and for the first time in many ages, are in danger of missing the Stanley Cup Play-offs!  Who can save this team from hitting the golf-course pre-maturely?

Thomas Holmstrom as Wolverine


He takes a licking and keeps on ticking.  He’s nasty, ill-tempered, and has messed up teeth.

Henrik Zetterberg as Spider-Man (Zetterman?)

Quick, agile, and intellegent.  He’s effective attacking and defending, a jack of all trades.

Pavel Datsyuk as Gambit


Funny accent, good with a stick, and always seems to have an ace up his sleeve.


Hey, it’s Friday, our news doesn’t come until way late.  I’m just trying to entertain you guys.  I’ve got more lined up, or if you think this is stupid, I shall go no further…