Osgood’s Quest for 400

The Quest for 400 has hit a bit of a roadblock with the groin injury to Chris Osgood. But 400 looms ever closer after the Nashville win, and personally I just want to get it over with. It’s not like nobody is talking about it, so a lot of pressure has to be on the veteran. At least he is relaxed and isn’t putting much pressure on himself:

If I don’t get to 400 this year,” he said, “I won’t be playing [anymore]. And that won’t be my choice.”


He has played well, minus the first period vs. phoenix, in his last two starts. And as long as Brad Stuart is in the lineup and hanging out near the goal line, he should be fine.  With the Red Wings scoring more goals this year than last, Osgood should have little problem reaching 400 upon his return, provided the games don’t go into overtime.

I know he’s not playing tonight, but hopefully Babs knows that Osgood is likely to play better when this burden is off his shoulders.