Optimism at its Typical Worst

Much like Chris I would like to focus on the positives of last night (Homerism, anyone?)   We may have played awful and didn’t deserve a point in that one, letting an inferior opponent carry the play to us and watched our D run around in our own zone and get generally out-hustled in the corners for loose pucks in our own end, but that doesn’t mean we have to despair, loyal fans that we are.

Jimmy wasn’t bad, I didn’t think.  The slapper from the off wing may have been deflected a bit by Salei when the forward shot it, so that one I’ll let slide.  The backhander through the wickets?  None to pleased about that one but I know Jimmy will bounce back.  And his stellar save that led directly to Franzen’s second goal in the second period was a thing of real beauty.

Speaking of the Mule:  Feed him.  Put a feedbag on his face and let him loose.  He’s on one of his streaks (by which I of course mean he’s healthy) and he’s really finding the back of the net.  Filppula has some nice moves and Bertuzzi is doing a great job on that line as well.  These guys are impressive.

I’m also impressed with Modano’s play thus far, even though he was on ice for a couple of goals, he backchecks well and is strong on the puck.  I don’t blame the goals on him, regardless of his -3 stat for the night.  And even though he missed in the shootout, his wrister was wicked.  Absolutely blazed that sucker past Bu-die.

And lastly, there was the fight.  Yes, Kirk Maltby is gone and we only had to wait a few minutes into the game to really, really miss him.  Seriously, can we have Ericsson back?  At least the kid knows how to fight.  I felt like, right after he swung, missed, got turned around and was put in a headlock by McLoed, that it was only a wedgie and a wet-willie away from being the saddest thing I’ve seen in a Red Wings – Avalanche game that wasn’t Game 7 of the 2002 WCF.

During the Live Blog at Abel to Yzerman, here are some highlights of what people had to say about the fight:

– Wow. Good show Janik. Back to GR with you.

– Jesus, Doug… that was a poor showing.

– Ugh Janik…Go ask Pavel for some pointers.

– My name is doug and I have just met you but I love you.

– Who the *#$%@& taught that retard how to fight?

– Maybe Janik was trying to hurt McLeod’s hands

– Alex, I’ll take “Worst Performance EVER by a Red Wing in a fight” for $500, please.

Good going, gang.  Nice to see that Red Wings fans don’t just play the “Oh he kicked so-and-so’s a$$” everytime there is a fight.  Like, say, Colorado, Chicago or Pittsburgh fans would do.