Open a newspaper Gary…

Philly2PhillyThis game was not just a showcase for Canada, but a showcase for the NHL….The Olympics are another great vehicle for the NHL to showcase their product, which has easily surpassed the NBA in quality.  The NBA is close to becoming irrelevant, much like the NHL years ago.

NBC.comThere is no better way to showcase the game’s best players, not just internationally, but to domestic audiences. The U.S. team’s run to the gold-medal game will boost the sport more than anything the NHL can hope to do.

The argument that shutting down the league for two weeks so players can compete for their countries is bad for business can’t still be made. Just ask the American audience that tuned in for this game, and can now name players (and even teams!) they didn’t know existed. It sounds insane to suggest that the 46 NHL players on these rosters could have better served the league by playing in a regular season game while college players battled for Olympic gold.

Yahoo Olympics The game of hockey won.

This was a game for the ages, and so, a great day for our sport. I’ve played in a couple of Stanley Cup championship games in which the crowds were loud, but they take a backseat to the noise level inside Canada Hockey Place on the final day of these Winter Olympics. Even if you’re a casual fan, you no doubt watched every minute of this riveting game.

The Associated PressThese were the best Winter Games ever. Just not in the way most of us expected.

What were the odds that two teams of mercenary, millionaire pros from the U.S. and Canada would breathe new life into those hopelessly romantic words that helped revive the modern Olympics more than a century ago? The ones about how competing honorably was even more important than winning?

But they made it happen.

Albany TimesCanada wasn’t the winner, hockey was. I know people who never would watch a hockey game who tuned in, just because it figured to be an event. Canada and the U.S. delivered with a game for the ages.

In the 67 minutes and 40 seconds before Crosby beat Miller for the game winner, the winner was hockey. And if NHL commissioner Gary Bettman doesn’t allow his league’s player to participate in 2014, he should be impeached — or forced to play goalie without equipment.

Alabama LiveThe US team may have lost gold, but may have brought hockey back.

When was the last time the most compelling sports event of the day in this country was a hockey game?

The sport seems to have gotten at least one new fan…President Barack Obama reportedly watched the game from the White House, hoping to win a bet with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.


This decision to continue in the Olympics is too important for all sports fans to let a bumbling idiot like Gary Bettman make it.