On Losing

So this is the first real losing streak for the team this year.  Being that this is December, that’s a pretty amazing feat.  

I think Tyler summed it all up perfectly at The Triple Deke.  

Not two weeks ago I remarked about how this team could play poorly and still win by two or three goals because they’re that good. I still think they’re that good. This is a rut. The team we saw prior to this week is the norm and will eventually return.

There’s no question that this team is the class of the league.  I mean look at us, we’re starting to worry because they have two regulation losses in a row for the first time.  Other teams have to deal with something like 14 in a row!  (Thanks Islanders for making us all feel a little better.) 

And even after this little skid, this Red Wings team still has a three point lead over anyone in the Western conference with a game in hand.  That’s, my friends, is amazing.  

Come to think of it though, to me, blogging is way easier when there are things to bitch about.  When the team has won 12 straight, I’m at a loss for what to say.  I mean I could just repost the same Nick for Hart article twelve straight times? But when they lose, that’s when there’s plenty of material, which means more posts, perhaps.  

Anyway you want to look at it though, this team is a great team and will continue to be, even with a few losses here and there.