On Bald Eagles Wings


Heading into today’s semi-final games, let’s hear from some of our Detroit Red Wings that come from the amber waves of grain, from the purple mountain majesties above the fruited plain, from sea to shining sea…

From Khan(!)

“When they beat Canada in Canada, after all the hype, it was a huge win.  After that game, (Ryan) said he’s never sweat like that before.  To move on to the final four is a huge step for the U.S. hockey program.”–Drew Miller

He said he hasn’t spoken much to “big brother” since the tournament began.  We all know how fragile goalies can be (especially in the head) so Drew leaving Ryan alone to do his job is just one small part to help his country…it’s a stretch, but come on.

“I think they got the best goalie playing in the NHL right now.  You knew they were going to be there at the end. They got a very hard-working group, guys that are having some fun. It’s exciting to see the nation get behind the team. Hopefully, they can get the job done, at least get a medal.”–Jimmy Howard

Even though Jimmy wouldn’t have even sniffed the ice during play, I still think he deserves to be there.  Maybe I’m just sad that he didn’t get to have a new patriotic helmet to display.  Maybe I’m just happy that we have a goalie who actually wears a normal helmet…

“You watch the Canada-U.S. game, how people can say they don’t want pros to play in the Olympics, it speaks for itself. People are excited about it. Everywhere you go people are talking about it, even if they’re not hockey fans. That’s good for the sport.”–Brett Lebda


Thinking about taking a half day today so I can drive across the frigid snow filled state of Michigan and make it to GR before the start of the USA/Finland game.









There are two Red Wings left in the tournament…after today, there will be only one playing for the Gold.