Olympic Spotlight: Brian Rafalski

Name: Brian Rafalski

Age: 36

Country: USA

Previous Olympics:

2002: 6 GP  1 G 2 A 3 PTS (Silver Medal)


2006: 5 GP 0 G 2 A 2 PTS (No Medal)

Lost out of Jamie Langenbrunner for the rights to the “C”, but he’s still Detroit’s ‘Captain America’.  The only American from the Red Wings making the Team USA squad (get bent, Jon Quick).  Raf is one of few aged veterans to make Brian Burke’s squad.  After USA floundered in Torino back in 2006, they vowed to go younger, stronger, faster.  Apparently, Burkie’s Red Wing envy prevailed for getting Rafalski on the team.

If anyone can find a link to previous Olympics stats, please leave a link in the comment section or e-mail them to me.  I had no idea it would be so hard for me to find them.